Cogitationes Astalnaris is a medium where I can write down all my thoughts, musings, ruminations, and any other synonym of thinking that comes to mind. Primary focus used to be games. But as times go by, that might change as I decide to delve into politics, culture, literature or some other field of interest. It is to say, that the title of the blog is Astalnar's thoughts, or Thoughts of Astalnar. Depends what form you prefer when translating from Latin.

Why Cogitationes? Could I not just name it Thoughts instead? This is the beauty of Latin. Cogitationes does not mean only thoughts, it means consideration, deliberation, thinking, reflection, meditation, and even imagination. It has so much more hidden behind it than just a simple "thinking". And like the variety and nuance the word cogitationes provides, I strive to provide the same in my own writing.


I encourage a healthy discourse, discussion, and good dialogue. If I feel I can add something to discussion, I will respond to comments as well. What I do not tolerate though, is spam, shady links, or any kind of hate speech. These last three categories will get deleted, without warning.